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If you have dreams of being an office leader in the future, the best way to start is to learn, and the best time to start is now. But with so much to do and only so many waking hours in the day to do it, it can be next to impossible to sit down and read or attend a seminar. That’s where podcasts come in. They’re great to listen to on a commute or even while you work, and you can learn many things by listening to them. Here are some of the best podcasts for future office leaders.

What Great Bosses Know

Jill Geisler is an expert on leadership and management and even helped develop and lead the Poynter Institute’s leadership and management programs. While she continues to teach and coach leaders around the world, she also hosts “What Great Bosses Know,” a podcast that challenges you with a new question every week and focuses mainly on the topics of leadership, communication, and trust.

The $100 MBA Show

Winner of Apple’s 2014 “Best Podcast” award, “The $100 MBA Show” is full of bite-sized, ten-minute lessons from some of the most successful business owners and managers. There are no backstories to listen to or promotions to worry about, just quick lessons from host Omar Zenhom and his guests. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Just what a busy future leader like you needs.

Engaging Leader

Communication with your team members is essential to any leader, and that’s what the podcast “Engaging Leader” is about. Host Jesse Lahey and his guests share lessons about being emotionally transparent and creating better connections at work. Lahey is a speaker, author, and consultant with over 20 years of experience in business communications, and he’s worked with Fortune 500 companies, so he knows what he is talking about. 

Beyond The To-Do List

This podcast is about productivity and learning how to go beyond the to-do list. Erik Fisher is the host and a “productivity buff” of the show, and his interviews with experts will help you choose the right tasks and goals both in work and in life. Fisher’s interviews also explore the actual end of productivity: living a meaningful life. Best of all, listening to the discussions will save you all the time it takes to read the guests’ books!

The LEADx Show

“The LEADx Show” isn’t a weekly podcast. It’s an almost daily podcast where best-selling author and Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Kevin Kruse interviews the hottest leadership experts and presents them to you in a bite-sized format. It’s essentially a daily advice show that challenges you to get one percent better each episode with actionable tips. 

There are dozens if not hundreds of great podcasts out there about leadership and management, but these are just five of the best. They’re often short and to the point, perfect for a busy future leader. With so much great advice accessible through your phone with so little time investment required by you, you can’t afford to miss these podcasts.