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A strong board consists of board members who are qualified and bring something unique to the table. Board members work as a team, so it’s essential to ensure that everyone has similar goals to work effectively. When recruiting board members, it’s essential to choose those who will step in and help “steer,” not just “row” your group of board members. It can be challenging for boards to be successful if it’s not filled with the right people. Let’s take a look at the top qualities of effective board members.


Committed and Dedicated

All board members should be very committed and dedicated to attending meetings and fulfilling their responsibilities. Most importantly, they show interest in achieving their organizational goals and bring as much as they can to the table. Essentially a board is what links the owners to the operations of an organization. Serving for the owners, board members should be committed to make connections with their owners and create the best results for the organization’s audience.  


Servant Leaders

Effective board members should never serve because they lead but should instead lead because it’s their place to do. A person who always wants to be in charge and is described as egotistical would not be an outstanding board member. Your job is to serve the organization with an open mind and be willing to learn new things every time you’re presented with further information. Board members should be ready to share their own thoughts and leave time to listen to the perspectives of others. 


Strategic Thinking

Boards must have the strength to govern in a way that will ensure that they help their organization reach its end goals. The best board members can dig into the organization’s impacts and how it can change in context. Strategic thinking is critical for members to explore the changes occurring around them and act quickly on their feet in some situations. Overall, without strategic thinking and thinking long-term, a board might have difficulties reaching its goal. 


An Assertive Participant

In order for the board to operate smoothly, all of the members must respect each other. This means that members should be able to articulate their values and logistics assertively while also respecting those around them. There will also be that one board member who will bring sincerity to the meetings by bringing others into the discussion without being selfish. In order to get your points across, one must be straightforward and never hesitate to ask questions when confused. 


Having board members who carry the qualities listed above will help lead your board to success. It’s always important to look for individuals who aren’t looking to manage but help govern your organization. Everyone should constantly be performing to the best of their ability in order to make positive contributions to the organization.