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Becoming a C-suite level executive is no easy task. Many skills are required for executives to develop and perfect throughout their career to earn this position. Optimizing a business requires dedication and hard work, but it also requires a firm set of skills to lead to success. According to Saint Mary’s College of California, if c-suite executives can develop these seven skills, they are sure to accomplish their goals in their business. 

The first crucial skill to have when becoming a c-suite level executive is leadership. To lead is not to order people around; good leaders take their time to listen to feedback and evolve accordingly. Natural-born leaders exist, but many people become leaders over time as they gain confidence and trust. Leading can be taught by education, experience, or by combining the two when necessary. Next is the foundational skill of strategic thinking. Leading requires impeccable organization, so leaders must form different strategies when managing their company and employees. Recent searches for Chief Executive Officer positions on LinkedIn have shown that setting strategy, strategic planning, and strategic execution are top of the job requirements list. 

The ability to manage people is a skill that c-suite executives must-have. A company’s productivity and efficiency rely on good people management to make sure everyone is working correctly. A company’s employees are one of their most valuable assets, so executives and employees must develop trust and accord with each other. People management also comes into play when establishing relationships with people outside the company, such as investors, stakeholders, and consumers. 

In contrast to working with people, the next two essential skills for a c-suite executive are business and financial knowledge and technological knowledge. To properly run a business, it’s imperative to be thoroughly familiar with sales, marketing, financial and operational perspectives. Executives must be up to date on the inner workings of what makes the business prosper, from the consumers to the services and products. In turn, technological advancements are extremely integrated into today’s world. Tools such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing will only continue to evolve and be further implemented in the way companies operate. Having useful knowledge in tech is a competitive advantage that will keep a leader two steps ahead.

The last two skills imperative to a c-suite executive’s success is change management and presentation. In the modern world, we continually see changes to markets, economies, and technological advancements. Being able to embrace change and adjust accordingly will ensure executives to sustain their business. Also, presentation is everything. The way executives communicate with others is indicative of how smoothly the company will run. Presentation can make or break an executive’s rapport with others, so it’s essential to stay attentive to how an executive is making people in their company feel.